A new consensus on reconciling fire safety with environmental & health impacts of chemical flame retardants

After almost a year’s work, a scientific consensus has been signed by senior UK scientists on the need to readdress the use of toxic flame retardant chemicals.


As a result, there is a petition signed by a wider group of scientists supporting the above consensus paper.

Support better fire safety measures with reduced human and environmental health risk



INews article - The toxic chemicals lurking in your mattress that could be making you ill

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One year in summary

It’s been a busy year already for us:

We are delighted to have 141 signatories one year into our Declaration. Along with being joined by Finland with their IDD Declaration.

The IDD steering group was created - the founding signatories were really pleased to be joined by:

  • Helen Gordon (Kite Creative), Nicola Holden (Nicola Holden Designs) and Sadie Miller Maggs (Masters student) in January
  • Karen Heritage (Heritage Green), Roksana Malik (Oktagon UK) and Bridie James (student) in April

We’ve taken part in successful, well attended events – which generated new members and lots of debate – at:

  • Planted

We’ve given interviews with:

We’ve continued to contribute to the Built Environment Declares steering group – Simone Suss is now joined by Helen Gordon on the panel

We’ve done another funding round and raised money to expand the information on our website

3 May 2022

Architects Declare statement on Ukraine

The Steering Group of Architects Declare in the UK this morning agreed the following statement, which has been drafted with representatives of Architects Declare in other countries:

"As Architects Declare, we declare our solidarity with the people of Ukraine and our unreserved condemnation for those involved in waging war against the country, the people, cultural artifacts and the natural environment. We also condemn the racist treatment of refugees and call for fair treatment of all those attempting to flee war zones.

"We call on all our signatory members to cease work on any major projects in Russia until such time as the country is willing to respect International Law.

"Furthermore, we pledge our willingness to help defuse one of the biggest threats to global peace since the Second World War. Putin’s war machine is very substantially funded by sales of gas to other countries. We therefore call on our respective Governments to implement an emergency level of mobilization in shifting our economies away from fossil fuels and towards a safer, renewably powered future. We as an industry will assist in implementing these measures and as Architects Declare we are committed to shaping a positive future for all.”

4 March 2022

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